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When I found out January's update was to be element themed I was so excited! I was a little sad there weren't going to be any spirit glamourkins but excited none-the-less. <33

I've always felt a deep connection with the element air. I was so happy I found an air glamourkin I loved. & OMGOSH! that picture is stunning. <333

For the past few years the element fire has surfaced again and again in my life, so I was really excited to see what the fire element glamourkins were going to be like. I knew I might not find one though, because I'm extremely particular, but when I came across this one I knew it was for me. I love the word choice of "roaring", it's a word that I strongly associate with both lions and fire, so perfect.

*Also, my custom glamourkin came with this package. OMGOSH! So beautiful, so perfect. I couldn't have asked for anything more, I will be forever grateful.

**As a side note, I really need to take some pictures of glamourkins that I've received that I didn't purchase. They're some of my favorites.
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So at the end of last year the beautiful ladies at The Fable Tribe had a sale so that they could make room for the new. Of course I took full advantage of this, I'm terrible at saying no to sales. There were a lot of things I wanted but didn't have the money for all of it so I waited till the last day of the sale, hoping things I wanted would get bought. Which brought my purchase down to three items (I'm still shoked).

I've been wanting these gold stars for awhile now, I'm glad they stuck around for as long as they did. They'll go nicely with my white, sparkely stars. :D

I wanted to get some more leaves that would compliment some of my flowers and these were perfect. :D

I'd been going back and forth with this one for awhile now but decided to finally get it since there was a sale. I adored the phrasing and was always in love with the picture (and it kind of reminds me of Pandora's Box). But unfortunately, this precious piece is lost. But I'm hoping it'll one day be found. :)

*So to make up for it I was sent a Glamourkin I've fallen madly in love with that reads "love so bright it rivals stars". <3333
**They also offered a reimbursement, another Glamourkin, or even a Custom Glamourkin! I was so taken aback by the generousity. <3 I've been wanting a Custom Glamourkin for some time, so a pounced on the offer. I actually have a lot of ideas for customs but recently I had fallen in love with [ profile] willow_cabin's short story "A Bit of Space", which is part of the Project Unicorn that her and [ profile] mermaidenre writing. A line from the short story resonated so deeply with me, "I kiss her, tasting the stars within her [...]" so I asked to have that tweaked to "I kiss him, tasting the stars within him". I can't wait to see the finished product!! <3
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There was no second update in November, but there was a coupon, so I used it to buy myself some things as well as get some gifts for others. :D

Like I've said before, I love one word Glamrockins. And I absolutely love this one! I very much believe that our souls are boundless accumulations of energy, able to take on other forms than just human beings. <3

I love this Glamourkin so much! I love the art, it very much reminds me of something one would see in art from antiquity. <3 And I love the phrase. I've come across few hetero couple Glamourkins so when I saw this one I hoped I would someday own it.

As a Libra, I'm very much about balance and harmony, so I found this Glamrockin to be absolutely perfect for me. <3

I love this little book so fiercly. Lotus flowers represent so much symbolism for me. <3 I've been drawn to lotus flowers since I left Christianity and have associated them with many different aspects of my spirituality. The greatest probably being Ganesha. Him coming into my life awakened such a fierce longing to know the Divine and I feel like the phrase here really embodies that.

So, with the realization of Polyhymnia in my life I went back through the Glamourkin stock and found this beauty. I absolutely love the phrase, it's like a perfect marriage of Her and my love and adoration for stars and the cosmos.

I got this Glamrockin because I strive to have love as a constant presence in my life and sometimes I need a little reminder of that.
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This time around the one thing that I really wanted from the update got bought up before I even saw it get posted.  So it'll just be another thing added to what I eventually want to get in a costume order.  Though what I did get are things from past updates that I've had my eye on and have just waiting to get.

I'm an air sign, so I loved the name these were given: Sylph.  Plus I love that they're white & sparkly. <3

& I love lavender ... really any shade of purple.  So I added these to my growing collection of their pixie stars. <33

This piece resinates with me so deeply.  I've written in past entries about the symbols of earth and air to me.  I'm an air sign and have greatly associated with symbols of that sign; which is represented by the bird-girl in the background (She's me).  Jason is an earth sign and I've always looked at symbols of that sign to represent him; so the wording of this pendant is a perfect symbol for our love. <3
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I've seen others post about their own Glamourkins/Fable Tribe purchases and why they chose those specific items and what they mean to them, and I thought I'd do the same. <3  I've bought pendants in the past for others, but this is a focus on the ones for me.

First Purchase )


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