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OMGOSH! Can I just say, I absolutely loved this Halloween update! There were so many beautiful pieces! <3

Initially I thought I knew what I wanted from this update, but wasn't able to get to the update until a few hours had passed after its ending. BUT! I'm so glad that it happened. Because, I found pieces that I loved even more! Pieces that I hadn't noticed the first time I looked through the sneak peek. <3

This one I did notice the first go through and without a doubt wanted. I'm so happy that I was able to get it. I wanted to work more on expanding my autumn pieces and this one seemed perfect. It's probably my most worn already. <3

This one I got specifically for Samhain. & I'm so! happy with it. <33 It's exactly what Samhain means to me. It's a time that I focus on my deceased loved ones. & the wording! omg! So beautiful.

I thought I knew which bowl that I wanted for Samhain, but it, of course, got snatched up right away. But I still wanted a bowl, so I looked through them all again. & I have no idea how I missed this one the first time. It's exquisitely beautiful! & holds so much meaning for me. The "veil" has always been a symbol I've been drawn to with Samhain. I couldn't be happier with this pick. <333
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So in September there wasn't an update until the very end of the month. So since there wasn't two updates to split my money between, I spent my entire allotted September Fable Tribe allowance on this update ... and it was glorious!

I've been wanting a Spoon Glamourkin for some time now, but the right one just hadn't come along ... until now! <3 I'm finding more and more that I love simplicity, so when something has just a few words on it, but great meaning behind it, I fall madly in love. This piece was no exception.

For my own reference/meaning for why I got this specific one:

Macrocosmos is the same as microcosmos.

this update had so many autumnal hair pieces, I just couldn't resist!

(I think this will be my favorite!)


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