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So it feels like it's been forever since the last time I made a post, and there is so much to write about. So I'm going to make a bunch of posts.

The update in December was Goddess themed and I went a bit crazy over it. I always have my eyes peeled for Goddess Glamourkins, so I felt like I'd won the Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

I'll admit, Persephone was rarely an aspect that ever crossed my mind, but now She is in my every thought. So when I saw this I knew I had to have it. It's what Persephone symbolizes most in my life right now. With graduating with my B.A. I've felt as if I'm refiguring out my life, descending into the Underworld, to be reborn with Persephone's help.

This beauty represents Psyche, an aspect that has been with me for some time, and has become an integral part of my spirituality. She's actually a facate of a greater whole that helps me seek the Divine specifically.

I was so excited to finally get a Hestia pendant! I can only remember one before it and I was sad I didn't get it but I was elated to be able to nab this one. I've talked before about the connection I feel to Her and I'm glad She's resurfaced in my life.

I don't think I can properly describe just how excited I was to see this Lilith Glamourkin. I knew that if I could only get one, it would be this one. Lilith was one of the first aspects of the Divine to shape me, coming only after Ganesha. She is beautiful in all ways to me. She showed me that even within one of the most dominating patriarchies that women had the potential to have a voice, because the first woman did. She taught me that it was ok for me to resist overbearing Christianity and that I not only had a voice but that it was a birthright. She also helped me to see that being by myself was not only ok but perfectly acceptable. She's not only shaped my spirituality but me as a person, and I will be eternally grateful for that.

Artemis has been with me before I even knew She was, which is why I want to keep Her with me always and never forget Her.

OMGODS I'm so excited about this one. I first read Her myth and learned about Her through Thalia Took's art. She captivated me and I became enthralled by Her. She will always hold great meaning to me.

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This update there was one Glamourkin that I absolutely fell in love with and I decided to get a book glamourkin from a past update that I've been wanting since it was posted up.

When I saw this glamourkin my heart melted. It was as if it was made for me. I love everything about it: the picture and the simplicity of the word and the strength it represents. I've talked about this theme before with a previous purchase.


I love these book glamourkins. I actually have quite a few favorited that I'm just bidding my time with. To me these little books are like a Book of Shadows, they hold the most sacred parts of my spirituality within them. This particular one I hold so dear to my heart. It will be a constant reminder that I am sacred, as well as everyone and everything else. Growing up it was engrained in me that as a human, and specifically a woman, I am sinful and base. Since I left Christianity, I've discovered the Divine within myself. I also believe that everything has a soul and should be treated with respect and reverence. So the words as well as the fact that the picture is a plant makes this piece absolutely perfect to me.

ETA: I looked up the Goddess Iris. <33 I knew a little bit about Her, but not much. I have come to love Her so deeply. <3 She will definitely be going into conjunction with Psyche. Simply for this: Iris links the gods to humanity. So having the iris in this glamourkin has given this piece so much more depth for me.


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