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"This update's theme is Reclaimed Fairy Tales. The essence of fairy tales, beyond the girl giving up her voice and the sister's foot being chopped to shreds, is actually ripe for reclamation. Within fairy tales, you have women, creatures and men rising up and doing extraordinary things. With the bones of heroism already present, we set about to reclaim the stories to powerful expressions of our own inner worth, passion and possibility. We chose the fairy tales the Little Mermaid, Little Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, as these are perennial favorites, as these have deeply empowered things to say through the prism of reclamation." ~ The Fable Tribe

Holy 'mole! This update was being snatched up so fast I was afraid I wouldn't get the two glamourkins I desperately wanted since they were at the beginning and end of the update. Thankfully I made it out with them, but sadly not all of the ones I loved. I was on a smaller budget this month so even though it broke my heart not to get some of them, I knew it was for the best, so that my decision would be easier. Regardless, this update was so amazingly done (I expected no less), and they definitely made it difficult to choose. <3

Little Red Riding Hood Reclaimed
I love this glamourkin so much! I can't even articulate it! Back in my Great Myths and Legends class I fell in love with Little Red Riding Hood, especially Paul Delarue's version "The Story of Grandmother". It's actually quite a vulgar version, but it shows that you can save yourself through your own devices: ingenuity, creativity, and courage.  There was no man to rely on, only herself.
That, and she (and various other fairy tales) taught me that in the woods we find ourselves. Something about the premordial forest draws us in and shows us and allows us to be our true selves. Nature doesn't have societal expectations for us. We can run and be free.
I, also, love that she's wearing a red cape in this one. <333

The Little Mermaid Reclaimed
I love The Little Mermaid so much, always have, even wrote a paper on it in my Great Myths and Legends class. The Little Mermaid teaches children to follow their hearts and dreams. And yeah, the literary version is so heartbreaking but it's so beautiful. Yes, she falls in love, but she also wants something more so desperately that she's willing to give up everything: her voice, her fins, her family, her love. All for her true heart's desire: a soul. And when she turns to sea foam, rising from the waves, I believe she gets her soul, that she is reborn. That her struggles and sacrifices aren't for not.


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