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I absolutely love the theme of this month's update.

Now is the time the earth awakens after its long, cold sleep. Now is the time that the seeds begin to awaken, stretching and straining to break free of the earth and reaching for the sun. It makes sense, then, that now is a fertile time to plant seeds within ourselves, too. Connected to the rhythm of the land, when you plant ideas for awakening, they can grow, nurtured by the blossoming spring all around us.

What is that you wish to grow in the coming year? This update for The Fable Tribe is filled with the Awakening Seeds Glamourkins. Each Glamourkin pendant is a seed that when worn with intention, will help you invoke one of five qualities: Creativity, Abundance, Enchantment, Daring and Self-Love.

When I read the qualities that were being portrayed I knew exactly what I wanted. <3 Daring, for sure, and maybe an Abundance one.

For about 6 months now I've let Persephone take hold of my life. I've been in a transitional phase in my life. Graduating college and having to go out and make something of it has been the scariest experience of my life and has yet to be rewarding. I've tried not to dwell on this whole experience, I've been trying to just live in the moment and see how it all plays out. And I think I've been going about this all the wrong way.

I am not a Persephone girl. I don't think I ever will be. But I thought She was trying to teach me something and went about listening in the worst way possible. I haven't been active in this process. As a result, I've been waring with myself.

I can't give up Persephone, I know the lesson She's trying to teach me is an important one. But I don't think I can do it alone. I need Athena. I need direction and purpose and a goal. I can't sit in the Underworld forever. I've spent my 6 months here, and the entire Winter hating myself. And that's not what this place is for. With Spring I need to rise out of this hole, reknewed. This won't be my last time here but I hope my future visits will be better spent. I had such high hopes for my time spent with Persephone but I can't dwell on what could've been. I need to focus on what is now. And to do that I'm planting my Awakening Seeds in the form of Daring and Abundance with Athena's help.

Awaken Daring
When I saw this Glamourkin in the sneak peek, I just knew that it was the one for me. I've been filled with indecision and self-doubt since I graduated. I don't know where my life is going right now but I need to stop taking the back seat. I just need to choose and become.

Awaken Daring
I was ok if I was only drawn to the previous Glamourkin, at least I knew I had found my little piece of courage. But when the preview went up and I saw this beauty I knew I couldn't pass it up. I've been drawn to the symbol of the phoenix for years now, they're such a powerful symbol of rebirth to me. Opening up a new chapter in my life is like being reborn, I have to reinvent parts of myself that have been worn into my bones and I'm sure that wings of phoenix feathers will help me rise to the occasion and above it.

Awaken Abundance
I wasn't sure if I was going to find an Abundance glamourkin that I liked, but when I came across this one I knew I had found the one for me. We are all boundless, shining beings and I hope that I can permeat every aspect of my life with that trueness. The only thing stopping my life from being abundant is me, and I'm going to stop denying myself.


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