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They both embody the deepest part of my spirituality so perfectly. <3 I love them both so dearly.

Both of these glamourkins have been calling to me for some time.  While I was at Mt.Trumbull the annual sale occured.  It started Friday 5PM EST and ended Saturday at 5PM EST.  We were supposed to go to town Sunday.  We got a flat Monday and on Tuesday Sachiko, Erik, & Omar went in to town but the tire wouldn't be ready that day, and they're closed Sundays.  So our town day got moved to Saturday.  I happened to decide to bring my laptop and actually use it this year while at the laundry mat.  You can imagine my excitement when I discovered that not only was the sale going on by I had made it with two hours to spare!  It was as if the cosmos had opened up and were singing.  So I hurridly purchased these along with two others for part of my sister's christmas gift.  It wasn't until I came home, two weeks later, that I discovered that I had been one of the 20 that was lucky enough to receive a free glamourkin! <33  I faguely remembered seeing something about it, but figured I was far too late to have a chance at getting one.  Boy was I surprised. :D

Mine reads: she blazed a trail of magic

It is so beyond beautiful and puts me in mind of mine & my sister's relationship. <33  I am eternally grateful for it.

I've wanted a Blessing Bowl for so long, but have yet to have the right one come along.  Usually, the one I fall in love with gets snatched up in a hurry, so I figure it's not meant to be.  I was beginning to think that I was just going to have to get a custom one done sometime in the future.  And then this one came along.  The second I saw it, I knew it was meant for me.  I've talked about this theme before with a previous purchase.

I was so excited when I the initial announcement for the update came out that there would be hair flowers in this update.  Then I saw the Blessing Bowls and found one that sang to me and thought that I couldn't afford a flower this time around.  After purchasing the Bowl and doing some math I discovered that I could actually afford a flower this time around. I was so happy.

When I first saw this hair flower my heart melted. There were a lot of hair flowers that I absolutely adored but this one I just couldn't get out of my head. So once I realized I could have it and it was still available, I snatched it up right away. For the past two years pink and purple (as well as blue), in combination, have been speaking to me. Yes, Universe, I am listening, I know I need to read The Temple of Twelve, cash is just tight right now ... maybe when I get a job (hopefully this winter *crosses fingers*).


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