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Here's the last two purchases I made, since I got a little behind.

When [ profile] mermaiden & [ profile] willow_cabin put up "glamrockins" (love that name!) I was floored.  I instantly fell in love with them, specifically the one to two word ones.  Something about a pebble and the simplicity of a single word is so evocative to me.  Though there were many that I fell madly in love with, this one was just one I had to have.  I'm still semi in the "broom closet".  I know, how do you have one foot out but are still in the closet?  A select few know or have an idea of what I believe but for the most part I just don't bring up my beliefs.  But as soon as I saw this I just knew it was a simple and quiet way to state something about myself.  I've worn it and to my surprise (and relief) have not received any questions yet.  I don't wear it as much as I would like to, but I think one day I'll get there.

I didn't get this beautiful shrine when it first came up because I wanted to sit with the idea of it for a little.  I absolutely love it, but since I still live at home I was a little wary of purchasing it.  My sister is the only family member that truly knows what I belief.  I'm still hesitant to come out to the rest of my family because ... well I'm a little afraid.  If I came out to my friends and they didn't like it and stopped being my friends, I'd be ok, but it's scarier with family.  But after sitting with it and it kept coming to my mind I decided buying it was the right decision.  It sits on my altar, in plain view, in all its's beautiful glory and I haven't heard a single word about it.

Aphrodite is a Goddess that has been quietly in the background since I left Christianity.  She used to be a driving force, teaching me that sensuality and sexuality were not a shameful thing and that I should embrace them, which I have.  Since then, She comes to my mind whenever She knows I need Her strength.  Since She's so much in the background I feel as if I've almost forgotten her, which I don't want to do, She's still important in my life and sometimes I forget that, which is why I wanted to get this, to be a constant remind to me.

Again the one word glory of the "glamrockins".  As I always seem to be with Fable Tribe updates, I was blown away, specifically with the rock glamourkin selection.  There were so many that spoke to me.  But this one sang.  The second I saw it, I got teary eyed.  I knew that with this reaction that this was the one.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my head with the future, with the past that I forget to just "be" and enjoy the moment.  So this will be my little reminder.

I don't know how someone could not be drawn to this beautiful glamourkin.  This pendant has so many meanings to me.

One is of a spiritual nature, that I've devoted myself to the Earth and all Her beauty, that She is the most sacred, and I do it amongst the most beautiful earth symbols I know.

The other is both a spiritual and relationship meaning.  Hera has been with me since the beginning.  I don't know why She presents Herself to me, She knows I don't plan on marrying anytime soon, but She has been on my mind a lot lately.  And so I've been thinking about my future wedding.  In a perfect world the ceremony and reception would be beneath the trees, but I'll settle with being surrounded by them.  I would even consider wearing this to my wedding.

The last reason is a relationship one.  I've always associated trees (and mountains and flowers) as being symbols that represent both air and earth, a perfect union of the two.  A symbol that has come to represent my relationship with Jason. <3

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