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I've seen others post about their own Glamourkins/Fable Tribe purchases and why they chose those specific items and what they mean to them, and I thought I'd do the same. <3  I've bought pendants in the past for others, but this is a focus on the ones for me.

I chose this pendant because my name means "Lioness of God".  As a Christian, I felt empowered by this name.  When I turned away from Christianity I struggled with this knowledge, but immediately sought to reclaim it in some other way.  From the very beginning I've always felt Sekhmet, She is such a powerful female symbol to me.  So this pendant represents not only what my name literally means but also my fight to reclaim it with Sekhmet.

I was drawn to this pendant for two reasons.  One of my aspirations is to learn multiple languages (ever since I was a little girl I've wanted to do this) and I was already on my path to doing this (Arabic) when I got this.  This is a physical reminder of that lifelong dream and pursuit.  It also represents Divine language.  I've sought to understand and be closer to the Divine for some years now.  This is also a physical reminder to never give up that pursuit and to always remember the longing I have to be closer to the Universe.  To always remember those moments of crystal clearness that the Divine has imparted on me.

I got both of these pendants because to me they represent Brighid and Imbolc.  When I got them it was with conscious intent to begin purchasing a pendant for each Sabbat.  I wanted something I could wear that was a physical reminder of what each turning of the wheel meant to me.  At this time I also began looking deeper into what each day meant to me and if there was an accompaning Divinity, what that Manifestation had to show me.

I got this pendant because, to me, it represents Ostara.  It's also something I can wear during Easter (which I've done) to remind me that even though I believe something different, that holidays are a time for family.

I got these stunning stars because they are a representation of what I think is the most beautiful part of my spirituality.
~The cosmos have always been a great part of my spirituality but most recently they've taken on a greater meaning. Science is something that has taken on a spiritual role. Recently physics and astronomy and what little I understand and know about them have taken me to greater heights. The stars are my parents and in my eyes they are and represent such great strength and timelessness. They break my mind's boundries of time and have come to show me greater truths about the Universe and myself.

The blue lotus represents knowledge and wisdom and is a symbol of the spiritual journey I've embarked on since my junior year in high school. Hinduism was the first religion to open my eyes and started me questioning. Lotuses, to me, represent Hinduism, India, as well as Egypt.  So this pendant is like an affirmation.  That the path I'm on is the right one, that my spirituality will continue to grow and one day will blossom into its full potential.

I think this one is fairly self explanitory.  I believe that Divinity is outside of us as well as within us. 

This is my most recent purchase. :)

This is for Beltane and I can't wait to wear it! <3

For the past several months I've felt both the Fae and Celtic Gods and Goddesses drawing on me.  This pendant resinated with me so deeply, I can only attribute it to that.  And with Beltane and Midsummer fast approaching I'm sure they will make themselves even more known to me.  **Side note: I can see my sister coveting this in the near future.


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